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Intelligence: Sourcing the Right Information 

Intelligence. Information Security. Implementation.


What are the greatest current threats to your organization's objectives? Emerging challenges? Opportunities to exploit? Organizational intelligence begins by asking the right questions and knowing where to find the answers.

Our expertise in collection methods enables our clients to organize these and other environmental inputs into useful data.


We operate in a data-driven world. Successful organizations know where to fish for data in a sea of irrelevant noise and how to harness that data to inform strategic analysis.

Our experts teach clients how to efficiently filter and consolidate data points into consumable information for further analysis, interpretation, and action.

Analysis & Interpretation

Analysis converts raw information into finished intelligence products designed to reduce the ambiguity surrounding leadership decision-making. Simply put, intelligence provides clarity for effective policy.

The Intellisight Group helps its clients build a wide variety of analytic capabilities to provide leadership with the crucial clarity that proceeds policy formulation.

Ambitious rivals. Disruptive technologies. Fluid market preferences. Asymmetrical data access. Public and private sector organizations must navigate increasingly complex and ambiguous competitive environments. Obtaining and interpreting relevant information in a timely manner is crucial for reducing ambiguity and guiding effective policy.

Simply put, targeted intelligence efforts are the foundation of an organization's information advantage. 

Our international team provides expert insights into each phase of the intelligence cycle: Planning & direction, collection, data processing, analysis & production, dissemination, and evaluation.

We tailor our operational and analytic guidance to meet the specific information acquisition requirements of our global clients. Slides -- Informat


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