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Implementation: Transforming Information into Policy

Intelligence. Information Security. Implementation.


Effective policies are consistently updated to reflect improvement in underlying intelligence and the evolving realities of the organization's operating environment. We ensure that our expertise in policy evaluation and refinement benefits our clients throughout the policy life cycle.

Information is not power. It is merely potential. Power springs from information applied. In other words, effective and timely policy is power.

Policy is the apex of an organization's information advantage, the point where the benefits of intelligence analysis and information security are translated into tangible action.  An organization's ability to reach its strategic objectives is wholly dependent on the formulation, implementation, and evaluation of enlightened policy.


Our policy experts assist clients to identify challenges and opportunities based upon received intelligence, to weigh alternative courses of action, and to make informed decisions. Our approach emphasizes a nuanced balance between time-sensitive decisiveness and appropriate stakeholder engagement.


Broad stakeholder engagement is key to effective policy implementation throughout an organization. The Intellisight Group works with its clients to ensure that necessary best practices are established to both implement selected policies and drive long-term organizational change.

The Intellisight Group brings together experienced partners from government, academia, and the private sector to provide policy guidance and implementation based upon global best practices.


We ensure that policies maximize and sustain our clients' respective information advantages.​ Slides -- Informat


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