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Intelligence. Information Security. Implementation.

Our Mission

Enabling Information Advantage

In a data-saturated global environment, the success of both government agencies and commercial companies depends upon information advantages: obtaining, protecting, and applying critical information in a timely manner.

At The Intellisight Group, our experienced Leadership Team coordinates a diverse network of experts to formulate bespoke, end-to-end strategic information solutions for our public and private-sector clients.

Our Focus

Intelligence. Information Security. Implementation.

Successful organizations understand that information advantages are critical to navigating competitive environments and achieving strategic objectives. Creating, sustaining, and leveraging these advantages requires a holistic approach.


Intelligence and Analytics

Our international team provides expert insights into each phase of the business intelligence cycle: planning & direction, collection, data processing, analysis & production, dissemination, and evaluation. We tailor our operational and analytic guidance to the specific information requirements of our global clients.

Targeted intelligence efforts address critical information needs. Robust security practices safeguard proprietary information throughout its useful lifetime. Informed policies transform information into timely, effective action.

Through strategic consulting, professional training, and project management services, The Intellisight Group's in-house experts enable our clients to successfully execute each phase of their organization's information strategy. Slides -- Informat
Information Security

Information security is a global game. Cutting edge cyber defense relies on expert inputs from the Thames to Tokyo. At The Intellisight Group, we consistently supplement our technical expertise with cultural, linguistic, and tactical insights from both East and West.


The Intellisight Group brings together experienced partners from government, academia, and the private sector to provide policy guidance and implementation based upon global best practices. We ensure that policies maximize and sustain our clients' respective information advantages.​

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